What is Lags?

Lags is an iPad application which can record sequentially what you see with time lags.
Various faces are hidden in one motion.
By using this application, you can not merely record something but also surely enjoy the differences between moments.

Possible to divide a time into 4, 6 and 9 frames.

By sliding your fingers on screen, you can divide a record time into 4, 6 and 9 frames.
The same scene looks different depending on how many frames you divide the scene into, and you can further enjoy changing faces.
Try to divide a time as you like.

Sort as you like.

Another function of Lags is the [edit] mode.
You can record while choosing the order of play and the timing of play as you like.
You can surely see a face at a certain moment which you have never seen before.


Enjoy your happy fun moments.

Lags - azzip-azzip